PPI-Tokodai Open Badminton Competition

PPI-Tokodai Open Tournament 2008

Farid Triawan*

Teddy Ardiansyah**

A Badminton Competition so called PPI-Tokodai Open Tournament 2008 among Indonesian Students in Kanto Area of Japan was held successfully in the gymnasium of Tokyo Institute of Technology on June 21st, 2008. Athletes and supporters coming from different universities around Kanto area including some special guests from Indonesian embassy and PMIJ (the Indonesian Muslim Brotherhood Association in Japan) were joining this half-day-long competition. Friendship badminton games were also conducted in the event for the people who just came to watch the tournament or to be supporters.

It was indeed an event that was committed to provide a vehicle whereby Indonesian students in Kanto area may participate in and strengthen their good relationships and sportsmanship.

PPI-Tokodai Open Tournament was the first badminton competition among Indonesian Students in Kanto Area. This event was developed as a new activity program under PPI-Tokodai. PPI-Tokodai itself is the abbreviation of Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia (PPI) Tokodai or in English is the Indonesian Student Association of Tokodai. It was an honor for the PPI-Tokodai to be the host of this badminton competition.

The event began with an opening ceremony. In the opening ceremony, a welcome speech was first introduced by the chairperson of PPI-Tokodai 2007-2008, Farid Triawan. After that, the Director of International Student Center (ISC), Prof. Masaaki Okuma, gave a second speech as a greeting from Tokyo Institute of Technology to the participants. Prof. Okuma said that through sport we could enhance friendships while in the same time having a good stamina either for healthy or for the success of our study in Japan. Finally, the competition was opened by the opening remark speech from the special guest Mr. Amir R. Harahap, the Minister Counselor of Indonesian Embassy of Japan. In his opening remark speech, Mr. Amir said his hope that through this open tournament the Indonesian students could be more unity and solid. He also hoped that PPI-Tokodai Open Tournament would be a routine activity that may provide not only Badminton game but also another sport game in the future.

Opening ceremony by Prof. Masaaki Okuma (above) and Mr. Amir H. Harahap (below)

A total of 16 teams for Men’s Single and Men’s Double were participated in this competition. The first game started from 10.30 AM and continued until the final game at 3.30PM. Eighth Teams for Men’s single as well as Men’s double were divided into two groups for half-competition game. The semifinalists of Men’s Single were Todai, Tokodai, and Indonesian Embassy teams. In the other hand, the semifinalists of Men’s Double were Chibadai, Todai, SRIT (School of the Republic of Indonesia in Tokyo), and Tokodai teams. Todai succeeded to get the first winner of Men’s single as well as Chibadai in Men’s Double. Tokodai team got a runner-up in Men’s Single

It was not only Tokyo tech who gave a full support to this event, but also The Indonesian Student Association of Kanto Area (PPI-Kanto), the Indonesian embassy of Japan, and PMIJ also gave full supports both materially and spiritually. PPI-Tokodai deeply thanks for all those supports.

At 4.00 PM, the event was closed by the awarding ceremony and a closing speech from Mochamad Asri, the general coordinator of this event. It was truly a fantastic, fruitful and remarkable event.

Awarding and Closing ceremony

Deep thank is also addressed to Assoc. Prof. Yuriko Sato of ISC, Committee members, PPI-Tokodai members and all participants who had participated in and given a full support and help in this event.

Let’s meet again in the next PPI-Tokodai Open Tournament…!!!

Sampai jumpa and Otsukaresamadeshita!

*Master Student of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering Department of Tokyo Tech, the chairperson of PPI-Tokodai

**Master Student of Nuclear Engineering Department of Tokyo Tech, the general coordinator of sports event of PPI-Tokodai

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