TICA 2013 Main Event Registration

Tokyo Tech Indonesian Commitment Award 2013

Founded in 2010 by PPI Tokodai (Indonesian Student Association of Tokyo Institute of Technology), the program was established to support its goals of driving innovation and improving science and technology by promoting young student researchers and their researches.
Being “The Engine of Economic Development”, science and technology capability holds a power to convert national potentials. In order to enhance the capability, research and development should be done synergically by three actors: national research body, university, and industry. When university serves as a place where many innovative research activities are conducted, student plays a role as the actor behind it.
With that perspective, Indonesian Student Association of Tokyo Institute of Technology (PPI Tokodai) makes a commitment to contribute in supporting and promoting young Indonesian student researchers and their researches as it could improve Indonesia’s national development in science and technology.

TICA 2013 Main Event, 10 November 2013

[09.30-10.00] Registration
[10.00-10.15] Greeting and Opening:
• Irwan Liapto (Chairman of TICA 2013)
• Iqbal Djawad, Ph.D (Representative of Indonesian Embassy in Japan)
• Yuriko Sato, Ph.D (Representative of Tokyo Tech)
[10.15-10.25] 3rd Winner Presentation:
Robi Aria Samudra
(Universitas Gadjah Mada)
[10.25-10.35] 2nd Winner Presentation:
Jindrayani Nyoo Putro
(Universitas Katolik Widya Mandala Surabaya)
[10.35-10.45] 1st Winner Presentation:
Alissa Ully Ashar
(Institut Teknologi Bandung)
[10.45-10.50] Awarding ceremony
[10.50-11.30] Keynote Speaker 1: Abe Naoya, Ph.D
(Professor of International Development Engineering Department, Tokyo Tech)
[11.30-12.10] Keynote Speaker 2: Chrisnawan Aditya
(Ministry of Energy and mineral resources, Asia Pasific Energy Research Center (APERC))
[12.10-12.20] Closing remark: Iqbal Djawad, Ph.D (Attache of Education of Indonesian Embassy)
[12.20-13.30] Lunch time
[13.30-15.00] Panel Discussion ;
• Danardono Dwi Antono, Ph.D (Sony Corp.)
• Sonny Kurniawan (Front End Engineer, Pokelabo Inc.)
• Aulia Raubien (NEC Corp.)
• Mahmudi Fukumoto (CEO Keihin Co. Ltd)
[15.00-15.30] Closing ceremony & group photo

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