TICA 2013 Press Release


On November 10th 2013, a seminar entitled “Future Energy toward Sustainable Development” was held at 70th Anniversary Auditorium, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo. This seminar was part of Tokyo Tech Indonesian Commitment Award (TICA), an annual event organized by the Indonesian Student Association in Tokyo Institute of Technology (PPI-Tokodai) aiming to inspire, promote, and drive innovation to support students engaging research in the sciences and engineering disciplines. TICA comprises two events which are undergraduate student paper competition at Indonesia and main event seminar dealing with certain topic in science & technology.

This year is the 4th of TICA event. The registration and submitting paper for TICA paper competition started from July 1st until September 2nd morning. After that, reviewer and jury start to select from 50 best paper, 9 best paper, and then 3 winner. The result then announced at October 10th. We received 100 registrant this year and received 9% paper from student outside java islands. This year also we will make a TICA proceeding for 50 best paper.

The main event seminar consist of three session. The first session is presentation from the winner of paper competition followed by awarding ceremony. The second is seminar from the keynote speakers about our theme. The last session is discussion with panelist about improving the quality of Indonesian human resources. The opening speech was addressed by Irwan Liapto Simanullang as chair of TICA 2013, and Yuriko Sato, PhD as the representative from International Student Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology.

The first session was started by the presentation of the 3rd winner of TICA 2013 paper competition, Robi Aria Samudra from Universitas Gadjah Mada, with the paper entitled “Baru Koto Tourism Market, The Emphasis on the Integration of Market Function Relating to Bengkulu Old City’s Historical Buildings”. Presentation followed by 2nd winner with paper entitled “Peanut’ Shell as a New Resource for Intermediate Bio-jet Fuel Production” by Jindrayani Nyoo Putro from Universitas Katolik Widya Mandala Surabaya. The last presenter was Alissa Ully Ashar, from Institut Teknologi Bandung with his research title “Design, Kinematic Modeling, and Implementation of Autonomous Fish Robot for Underwater Sensing”. The first session was closed with awarding ceremony for three winners.


TICA 2013 Winner with Keynote Speakers

The Second session was started by the presentation of Prof. Naoya Abe, Associate Professor from Department of International Development Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, with title “Future Energy toward Sustainable Development, some Perspectives and questions”. Prof. Abe mention that, even though UN millennium summit had target for solving MDGs until 2015, it’s a necessity to reframing sustainable development post 2015. An outdate structure of three elements of sustainable development should be change. We need to consider the earth life support system as the fundamental element of sustainable development, with society on top of it and economy element as the last key-point. Also by solving urbanization problem, we could reduce centralized activity and improve energy efficiency so that the concept of future energy toward sustainable development could be realized.

The second presentation delivered by Mr. Chrisnawan Anditya from Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre (APERC), with title “Delivering a Sustainable Energy Future for the World”. Mr. Chrisnawan mentions that using gas energy would give more advantages to Indonesia. With strong effort from engineers, and support together from government and citizens, the benefit could be achieved. The second session was then closed by speech from Muhammad Aziz Ph.D, assistant professor at Solution Research Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology. Mr. Aziz mention about master plan of acceleration for economic development in Indonesia. He emphasize the characters that we need to pursue such as green, dynamic, and resilient.


Photo Session with all participant

The third session then started after lunch break. In this session, main topic of discussion is improving the quality of Indonesian human resources. The panelist are Danardono Dwi Antono Ph.D from Sony Corp. and Sonny Kurniawan from Pokelabo Inc. as a panelist from professional field. Mahmudi Fukumoto, CEO of Keihin Co. Ltd and Fidens Simanjuntak from PT. JMax Indonesia as a panelist from entrepreneur field. The keypoint that all panelist mention to us is that, whoever we are, whatever our job or status, we should be able to give benefit to others so that our live will always be motivated. Special for this session, we use bahasa Indonesia for the discussion. As planned that first and second session was open for public and held using English, and the third session using bahasa Indonesia. The participant is not only from students but also trainee from around kanto area.


TICA 2013 Panelist

TICA 2013 then closed with speech from Nurul Fajri, President of Indonesian Student Association 2013/2014. As he mention that today is national hero’s day in Indonesia, we need to remind how difficult their struggle to make Indonesia free from colonialism and make them as our example to never give up how to fight with modern colonialism in this era, even as a student, trainee, entrepreneurs, or professional in each of our fields.

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