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TICA 2011

Cluster 1 – Business, Social Science and Urban Planning

1. Yoas Yuniananta, Jessica Gunawan

“Analysis of Damping Effectiveness As a Link Between Shear Wall-Shear Frame in Dual System Structure”

(Department of Civil Engineering/Tarumanagara University)

2. Anna M.Pratiwi, Hapsari Setyowardhani

“The Impact of A Destination Image and Evaluative Factors (Perceived Trip Quality, Perceived Value, and Satisfaction) Toward Tourist’s Behavioral Intention of a Destination. Case Study: Old Batavia (Kota Tua) Taman Fatahillah Jakarta”

(Department of Management, University of Indonesia)

3. Fietra Riva Harvadi

“Hidden Pattern Average: A New Technical Indicator for Securities Price Pattern Prediction”

(University of Indonesia)

Cluster 2 – Electronic-Electrical and Information Technology

1. Ardimas Andi Purwita, Trio Adiono

“An Optimized Turbo Code VLSI Architecture for LTE Using System Lelvel Modeling and Assertion Based Verification”

(School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Electrical Engineering Department Institut Teknologi Bandung)

2.   A. A. K. Surya, A. S. Nugroho

“Evaluation of Fingerprint Orientation Field Correction Methods”

(Faculty of Information Technology, Swiss German University, Indonesia1 Agency for The Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Indonesia2)

3.  Probo Aditya N.I., Trio Adiono

“Algorithm and Architecture Design of Soft Decision Demapper for SISO DVB-T by Using Quadrant K-Best”

(Department of Electrical Engineering Department of Institute Technology Bandung)

Cluster 3 – Applied Science and Technology

1.  Rivo Yudhinata B.N, Mirza Zaka Pratama, Tita Luthfia Sari, Aditya Indra M, Fredo Tamara, Sri Winarsih

“Atherosclerosis Vaccination Using Salmonella Typhimurium: A New Biotechnological Approach for Coronary Artery Disease Prevention”

(Brawijaya University)

2.  C.Effendi, M.Shanty, B.Agustin

“Preparation of Low-Cost Polymer/Clay Nano-Composite From Durian Shell Wastes”

(Department of Chemical Engineering/Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya)

3.  A. Kurniawan, L.K. Ong

Utilization of Jackfruit Peel Wastes for Methane Storage”

(Department of Chemical Engineering/Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya)