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TICA 2010

TICA  Golden Award Winners :

Nur Ahmadi,  Title: Implementation of Assertion Based Verification Method on Time Processing Unit (TPU) module of WiMAX Chipset (Electrical Eng. ITB)

Irwan Febriansyah, Title: Transient Coupled Neutronic-Thermal hydraulic Model Analysis of Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) (Physics Eng. UGM)

Ridho Prawiro, Title: Morphological Study of Rhizophora apiculata As Basic Development of Standard Space For Mangrove RhizophoraChitecture (MRaC) With Generative algorithm, (Architecture Eng., ITS)

TICA Finalist Award Winners :

Oka Mahendra, Title: Alumina-Supported ZSM-5 Thick Film Using Coal Fly Ash Precursor with Hydrothermal Method (Material Eng., ITB).

Ruri Agung Wahyuono, Title: Optimalization of Thermal Comfort and Thermal Distribution in Neonates Capsule Incubator (Neo-Captor) as Thermoregulation Supporting Device For Very Low Birth Weight Baby (Physics Eng., ITS)

Randi Swandaru, Title: The effect of adding tapioca and water content differences on physical properties of CORN hominy feed bioDEGRADABLE FOAM (Agroindustry, IPB)

Mohammad Ikhsan, Title: Development of an Interactive Touch Table that Supports Multi-person Data Interaction (Electrical Eng. ITB)

Imam Bagus Nugroho, Title: Cloning and Expression araA Gene Encodes for L-ARABINOSE ISOMERASE  OF Thermophyllic Bacteria from Dieng (Biology, UGM)

Adi Firmansyah, Title: Modelling Development of Settlement Areas in Surabaya Based On Geographic Information System (Informatics Eng, ITS)

Alfin Kurniawan, Title: Utilization of Jatropha curcas L. seed-oil cake residues as prospective biomass for high capacity activated carbons preparation: Application in textile wastes removal, (Chemical Eng. Widyamandala Chatolik Univ. Surabaya)