About TICA

Founded in 2010 by PPI Tokodai (Indonesian Student Association of Tokyo Institute of Technology), the program was established to support its goals of driving innovation and improving science and technology by promoting young student researchers and their researches.


Being “The Engine of Economic Development”, science and technology capability holds a power to convert national potentials. In order to enhance the capability, research and development should be done synergically by three actors; national research body, university, and industry. When university serves as a place where many innovative research activities are conducted, student plays a role as the actor behind it.

With that perspective, Indonesian Student Association of Tokyo Institute of Technology (PPI Tokodai) makes a commitment to contribute in supporting and promoting young Indonesian student researchers and their researches as it could improve Indonesia’s national development in science and technology.

Indonesia Student Association in Tokodai

PPI Tokodai is an independent organization for Indonesian students who are currently studying in Tokyo Institute of Technology. The members are coming from research student, bachelor student, master student, doctoral student and also assistant professor. PPI Tokodai was formed to integrate all Indonesian students in the institute who come from different cultural and knowledge backgrounds. PPI Tokodai holds many activities throughout the year in order to give benefits and advantages, not only to the member itself, but also to other people in general.

For further information, you can take a look into our website www.ppi-tokodai.net

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